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The Laren system combines fire detection and suppression in one device for the first time. Thanks to artificial intelligence, fires are detected at an early stage when the extinguishing effort is still low. In addition, the extinguishing agent is applied specifically to the fire, which is why the amount of extinguishing agent required is many times lower than usual. The extinguishing agent is stored locally on the system, which makes piping unnecessary, which is why the system is particularly easy to install - even retrofitted!

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In the extinguishing system, all components including the tank are already integrated, which is why no piping is required. Due to its small size, the system can be easily installed and retrofitted. The systems are supplied with the necessary resources via a wallbox and can be maintained through it. The Systems can be used for Commercial and Industrial usages. 


The extinguishing system will be tested for reliability and effectiveness together with VDS Schadenverhütung. The performance criteria are derived from "VDS 3883-1 Protection of office spaces and accomodation areas" and similar.

As there is no standard or guideline for artificial intelligence in the field of fire detection yet, the software is being certified together with one of Europe's leading reinsurers in collaboration with one of the leading research institutions to set a milestone for artificial intelligence certification.


Discover a new experience in automatic fire protection. The novel product approach completely redesigns support processes such as planning, operation and service to simplify handling and achieve maximum efficiency. Planning processes are shortened by up to 90%, much of the maintenance is automatic and digitalised, and installation is comparatively simple due to the nature of the product. For this, we are developing a platform that can handle all processes - on all devices.

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Since all components are already an integral part of the system and, in particular, no piping is required for the water supply, "Laren" is the first extinguishing system that is planned fully automatically. From the digital building plans, the standard-compliant planning, parts lists and quotations are generated fully automatically in a matter of seconds. 


The Guardian extinguishing systems perform autonomous & predictive maintenance on a daily basis. As each system is connected, the management platform knows the system's status of an individual system at all times. In case of a malfunction, the responsible installer is automatically notified, which means a new, holistic experience for the building operator with as little effort as possible. 

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